Current Ph.D. Students
  • Raef Abdallah (part-time Ph.D. student, 2019-)
  • Ren Zhong (Ph.D. student, 2019-)
  • Yongtao Yao (Ph.D. student, 2020-)
  • Yuankai (William) He (Ph.D. student, 2021-)
  • Zhaofeng Tian (Ph.D. student, 2021-)
  • Arpan Bhattacharjee (Ph.D. student, 2022-)
  • Qiren Wang (Ph.D. student, 2022-)
  • Lichen Xia (Ph.D. student, 2023-)
  • Boyang Tian (Ph.D. student, 2023-)
  • Mustafa Alsolami (Ph.D. student, 2023-)
  • Yuxin Wang (Ph.D. student, 2024-)
Graduated Ph.D.'s
28. Prabhjot Kaur (Ph.D., April 2024, GM)
        Dissertation: Autonomous Robot for Indoor Enhanced Living (ARIEL)

27. Jinghui Liao (Ph.D., March 2024, Startup)
        Dissertation: Towards Reliable and Efficient Blockchain Applications

26. Sidi Lu (Ph.D., July 2023, William & Mary)
        Dissertation: Toward Efficient, Scalable, and Reliable Edge-enabled Applications for Connected Vehicles

25. Liangkai Liu, (Ph.D., May 2023, University of Delaware)
        Dissertation: Predictable DNN Inference for Autonomous Driving

24. Shihong Hu, (Ph.D., November 2021, Hohai University)
        Dissertation: QoS Optimization Techniques of Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Edge Computing
        Co-advised with Guanghui Li

23. Lanyu Xu, (Ph.D., July 2021, Oakland University)
        Dissertation: Systems Support for Executing Intelligent Se5rvices and Deep Learning Algorithms on the Edges

22. Qingyang Zhang, (Ph.D., May 2021, Anhui University)
        Dissertation: Research on Collaborative Computing Architecture and Security Support Method for Internet of Things Data based on Virtual Edge Node
        Co-advised with Hong Zhong

21. Quyuan Luo, (Ph.D., December 2020, Southwest Jiaotong University)
        Dissertation: Research on Resource Scheduling Strategy in Vehicular Edge Computing
        Co-advised with Changle Li

20. Xingzhou Zhang, (Ph.D., May 2020, CAS/Institute of Computing Technology)
        Dissertation: Research on Data Processing Framework for Edge Intelligence
        Co-advised with Zhiwei Xu

19. Yifan Wang, (Ph.D., May 2020, CAS/Institute of Computing Technology)
        Dissertation: Performance Quantitative Analysis and Optimization for Edge Computing Systems
        Co-advised with Zhiwei Xu

18. Mohit Kumar, (Ph.D., October 2019, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
        Dissertation:Improving Energy Consumption of Java Programming Language

17. Bing Luo, (Ph.D., October 2019, Henry Ford Health Systems)
        Dissertation: Toward Energy Efficient Systems Design for Data Centers

16. Jie Cao, (Ph.D., August 2018, Assistant Professor at Eastern Michigan University)
        Dissertation: SOFIE: A Smart Operating System for Internet of Everything

  15. Quan Zhang (Ph.D., January 2018,
        Dissertation: System Support for Stream Processing in Collaborative Cloud-Edge Environment

  14. Lingmei Ren (Ph.D., May 2016, Assistant Professor at Shangdong University of Science and Technology)
        Dissertation: Techniques for Human Body Fall Detection

  13. Youhuizi Li (Ph.D., January 2016, Assistant Professor at Hangzhou Dianzi University)
        Dissertation: System Support for Energy-Efficient Mobile Computing

  12. Hui Chen (Ph.D., November 2015, Amazon)
        Dissertation: User-Centric Power Management for Mobile Operating Systems

  11. Lingjun Fan (Ph.D., May 2014, Assistant Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences)
        Dissertation: High-efficient On-chip Memory Architectures and Application Optimization
        Co-advised with Guojie Li

  10. Grace Metri (Ph.D., April 2014, Intel)
        Dissertation: Energy Efficiency Analysis and Optimization for Mobile Platforms
        Co-advised with Monica Brockmeyer

Shinan Wang (Ph.D., February 2014, Simens)
        Dissertation: Software Power Analysis and Optimization for Power-Aware Multicore Systems

    8. Yong Xi (Ph.D., November 2012, Software Development Engineer at Amazon)
        Dissertation: Location Privacy in Emerging Network-based Applications
        Co-advised with Loren Schwiebert

    7. Tung Nguyen (Ph.D., August 2012, Researcher Scientist at Intelligent Automation Inc.)
       Dissertation: System Support for Genomics Computing in Cloud Environments

    6. Guoxing Zhan(Ph.D., April 2012, Google)
        Dissertation: System Support for Robust Data Collection in Wireless Sensing Systems

    5. Zhengqiang Liang (Ph.D., January 2010, Microsoft)
        Dissertation:  HOURS: Harmonic and Universal Resoruce Sharing in Distributed Environemnts

    4. Zhifeng Yu (Ph.D., December 2008, Senior Enterprise Architect at Volkswagen Group of America)
        Dissertation: Toward Practical Multi-Workflow Scheduling in Cluster and Grid Environments

    3. Safwan Al-Omari (Ph.D., December 2008, Senior Software Engineer at Nokia)
        Dissertation: Petra: Toward Dependable and Autonomic Networked Sensor Systems

    2. Kewei Sha (Ph.D., November 2008,  Assistant Professor at Univeristy of Huston Clear Lake)
        Dissertation: Orchis: Consistency-Driven Data Quality Management in Sensing Systems

    1. Hanping Lufei ( Ph.D., July 2007, Member of Technical Stuff at Paypal)
        Dissertation: Fractal: An Application Level Protocol Adaptation Framework for Heterogeneous Environments

Graduated Masters

   15. Xiaoda Cong (M.S., July 2022, Beaumount Hospital)
         Thesis:  An Edge Based Seizure Prediction System

   14. Sheng Tan (M.S.,  August 2018, Walmart Labs)
       Thesis: Pedestrian and Speed Detection in Autonomous Driving

   13. Javad Roostaei (M.S., June 2018, Quantifly)
         Thesis:  IoT-Based Edge and Cloud Computing for Smart Environmental Engineering Applications

   12. Jingwen Zhang (M.S., March 2015, EMC)
         Thesis:  PLUS: A Personlized Literature Recommender System

   11. Guisi Ni (M.S., August 2014, Google)
         Thesis: Appurtenant: Enhancing Completeness and Efficiency of Bidirectional Patient-Physician Communication Using Automatic Speech Recognition

    10. Mingyang Xu (M.S., July 2014, Ph.D. study at NCSU)
        Thesis: A New Approach for Palm-Dorsa Vein Identification

    9. Ruining Sun, (M.S., May 2014, AT&T)
        Thesis: SemiHybrid: A Natural Language Assisted Approach to Developing Mobile Applications

    8. Harish Balasubramanian, (M.S., February 2014, ELEKTROBIT Automative)
        Thesis: Performance Analysis of Scalable SQL and NOSQL Databases: A Quantitative Approach

    7. Dajun Lu, (M.S., January 2014, Amazon)
        Thesis: PULSE: A Framework for Power- and Energy-Ef´Čücient Analysis for Data Centers

    6. Soumyasudharsan Srinivasaraghavan, (M.S., Feburary 2012, Valeo Inc. )
        Thesis: PASCALYPTUS: an Power-Aware SCheduler for the EucALYPTUS Framework

    5. Chenjia Wang (M.S., July 2009, Revstone Industry )
        Thesis: Panther: A Middleware-based Post-Disaster Communication System

    4. Brandon Szeliga (M.S., July 2008, Lockhead Martin)
        Thesis: DiSK: A Distributed Disk Cache for Data-Intensive HPC

    3. Jayashree Ravi (M.S., December 2005, Xede)
        Thesis: Accelerating Personalized Web Content Delivery Using Edge Services

    2. Yonggen Mao (M.S., August 2004, EDS)
Performance Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer Web Caching Systems

    1. Sharun Santhosh (M.S., August 2004, Intel)
        Thesis: Factoring File Access Patterns and User Behavior into Caching Design for Distributed File Systems

Undergraduates (research)

    5. Raymond Lemon (Wayne State University, 2012-2014)
    4. Delyan Raychev (Facebook, 2010-2011)
    3. Jacquline Brown (IBM, 2008-2009)
    2. Tony Cutway (Sylvania Schools, 2008-2009)
    1. Daniel Brodie (2003-2004)