HydraOne Hardware Design

The main structural components of the HydraOne platform are supplied by ServoCity©. And the first version of HydraOne includes the following Major components:


  • 2 × Leopard Imaging AR023Z 1080p HD color camera
  • 1 × Velodyne VLP-16 rotating 3D laser scanner
  • Computing nodes:

  • 1 × NVIDIA Jetson TX2 embedded AI computer
  • 1 × Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller board
  • Actuatios:

  • 2 × Makeblock 36mm Encoder DC Motor Pack
  • The detailed hardware specifications are available here: HydraOne_BOM_V1.0.xlsx

    It is important to note that this hardware list are just a reference to build the HydraOne platform, users can add or replace any hardware module on HydraOne to meet customized customized demand. We would welcome users to share the pictures and hardware specifications of your customized HydraOne platform. Thank you.

    Front View (Motors)

    Side View (Sensors)

    Top View (Computing Nodes)