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Thursday, April 29     
  8:50-9:00 Welcome Remarks
  9:00-10:00 Keynote I: Clearing the validation hurdle for CAV’s
Speaker:  Reuben Sarkar 
(President & CEO, American Center for Mobility)
  10:00-11:00 Keynote II: New Form of AD Vehicle to Transform Mobility Landscape
Speaker:  Tony Han 
(Founder & CEO, WeRide)
  11:00-12:30 Session I: Autonomous Driving Technologies
1.  Early Detection of Occluded or Hidden Pedestrian by Using Mobile Base Station 
Ricky Hou (BNU-HKBU United International College)

2.  FPGA-Based Candidate Scoring Acceleration towards LiDAR Mapping 
Joshua J Frank (Clarkson University); Zhiliu Yang (Clarkson University); Chen Liu (Clarkson University)

3.  A Survey on Simulators for Testing Self-Driving Cars 
Prabhjot Kaur (Wayne State University); Samira Taghavi (Wayne State University); Zhaofeng Tian (Wayne State University); Weisong Shi (Wayne State University)

  13:00-14:30 Session II: Cooperative Autonomous Driving Systems
1.  OASD: An Open Approach to Self-Driving Vehicle  
Sudip Dhakal (University of North Texas); Deyuan Qu (University of North Texas); Dominic Carrillo (University of North Texas); Qing Yang (University of North Texas); Song Fu (University of North Texas)

2.  Vehicular Edge Computing for Multi-Vehicle Perception 
Sihai Tang (University of North Texas); Zhaochen Gu (University of North TExas); Song Fu (University of North Texas); Qing Yang (University of North Texas)

3.  SafeOverPass: An Edge-Based Low-Clearance Overpass Warning System 
Raef Abdallah (Wayne State University); Weisong Shi (Wayne State University)

  14:30-15:30 Panel :  Autonomous Driving: Where are we today?
Moderator: Weisong Shi (Wayne State University)
Tom Tasky (Director, Intelligent Mobility FEV North America, Inc.),
  15:30-17:00 Session III: Security
1.  An Experimental Study of Denial of Service Attack Against Platoon of Smart Vehicles 
Shahida Malik (University of Toledo, OH.); Praveen Bandi (University of Toledo); Weiqing Sun (University of Toledo)

2.  Physical Invariant Based Attack Detection for Autonomous Vehicles: Survey, Vision, and Challenges 
Francis Akowuah (Syracuse University); Fanxin Kong (Syracuse University)

3.  PlateGuard: License Plate Privacy Protection for Internet of Vehicles 
Michael T Nutt (University of North Texas); Qing Yang (University of North Texas); Song Fu (University of North Texas)